Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer is so Short

Have you ever looked at the calendar and then looked at the weather - they don't seem to go together. I have more golf rain checks than I do actual games played. I once again joined the ladies league and I love it. You could say that I have that "golf bug". My friend and I play, or should I say, we have tried to play once a week, but we've not succeeded in actually getting more than 1 or 2 games in.

I worked part time at the casino wrist banding folks for concerts and I have now quit that job due to too many issues at the casino (liquor license being suspended; problems with tickets; problems, problems and more problems). I have to say that the reason I did this was to pay for our upgrading the kitchen and as of last Sunday that got completed. I'm very happy with Kent who came and put our glass tile back splash on the walls. Then Cecil came and put the window frame back in place. It all looks great and so now we can once again entertain. I'm home on weekends; the weather better be looking more like summer and the kitchen is complete. After all isn't that the place in the house that everyone ends up in.

Hoping your summer is looking great!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family History

We are back from a 16 day trip to the other side of the world (Germany & Austria). It seemed like yesterday when we were all planning this trip - Jack, my parents and my brother, Mark. Then reality sets in and flights are booked; accommodation is made in two cities (the unknown areas so fear of being located in the wrong place) and then some trips are even booked and confirmed.
We had a few anxious moments and some restless nights with lots of noise from the streets below but all in all it was a good trip. We saw some of the same sights in Salzburg and met with a small number of family members. The language barrier is always the hardest but my dad met the challenge and did most of the translating for us.
But the best city was Munich and we would recommend that to anyone. So much history there and if you are a history fan from the war, this is a great place to start. We learned so much and saw first hand what it would of been like to have been living during the "Hitler Days". My dad was named after Adolf Hitler as his mother received $500 schillings for doing so. I never gave it much thought about his name until you visit a country that had so much hate for a man. Even on this trip several folks asked my dad if he wanted to change his name to something else given the history. But he has always stayed strong to his birth name that his mother did in sacrificing him for money to feed their family while my grandfather was away fighting the war. So much history in a country and in a family.
My dad even learned some new history facts on one of our guided trips and so this brought some new insight to his recollection of growing up.
We were made to appreciate our lifestyle and our faith after witnessing so much drinking and smoking at every age. Both the drinking and smoking are made so inexpensive that this lifestyle is accepted everywhere and for every age. It's sad to see this take over so many lives and yet at the same time, the people see it as being a normal way of life.
On our last three days by ourselves we visited and stayed in a little sleepy town known as Freising. This is a town adjacent to Munich and houses some hotels known as the "Munich airport area". We stayed there the last time we visited but only on a overnight trip. This time we actually got to explore this town and we were amazed to see all the young families - it seems to be where commuters live rather than in the big city and with the trains running directly to Munich, people commute. But the main thing was the old buildings and the history of such a small place. We wandered around the main cobblestone street admiring the old buildings and the amount of statues everywhere. Of course it wouldn't of been complete until you hear the beautiful bells ringing through out the land for everyone to hear. This was supposed to be a sleepy little stop over but instead it gave us a sense of history and family all in one short little visit. We loved this town and would think nothing of going back and spending a couple of days here again.
So we are glad to be home; not glad to be on a different time zone still but glad to get ourselves back in a routine and not living out of a suitcase.
We thank God for blessing us with safe travels; good health during our stay, as well showing us another side of life and the importance of having a balanced life which includes faith.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Year Later.......

Jack and I looked at the calendar and were reminded that one year ago our life would not be the same. In some ways this has been an awful year and in other ways it has brought new friends into our lives.

When people are displaced they go through many emotions as well they question every step they take, wondering if it would be the right one. We still are questioning our next "church family" step and we haven't quite figured out what that looks like. I must say that one of the things I miss most is the acapela singing and I know that most would say "WHAT". But having come from instrumental services before, I just fell in love with harmony singing. We have found some awesome speakers and we know that we can be fed spiritually from several different churches, but the music is truly missed. I think it has to do with the lead up to the sermon and that the music can touch your heart & soul.

Jack has now started to work part-time with a funeral company - Evan Strong Funeral and he is really enjoying it. He has helped out a couple of families that were looking and one that needed a funeral service. Everyone of our friends that he has talked to has said that this is the perfect career for him, especially with his personality. This new career has allowed us to think more about our life span and has also made us more aware of what each of us wants when our time is up. I'm glad that we have lots of Acapella music cd's as this will be something that we both want when our lives are celebrated.

Tomorrow I fly (compliments of my brother-in-law) to New Jersey to surprise my sister for her 50th Birthday. The two of us girls are then being whisked away to New York for the weekend to see a show (Jersey Boys); staying at the Marriott Hotel in Time Square and just enjoying shopping, the spa and whatever else we can find and do. Stephan is one wonderful husband and brother-in-law and I am so glad that he was able to help plan this surprise for her. The secret keeping will soon come to an end and I will be happy as we have kept this from her since January.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter Blah's

The winter blah's are setting in. All our medical tests are complete and Jack came through all of his tests/surgery. I was given a clean bill of health this year.

However, Jack and I have really missed our winter get away. We always have gone to Phoenix or Vegas for a short break to just soak up the sun and the heat. This year we have chosen to go to Europe in May with my folks & brother. My father was told to live out his "bucket list" so that is where he wanted to go. Not that I don't mind doing that, but this winter has just dragged on and on and where are those Chinooks that we always get? I'm battling my second cold in less than 2 months and I hate that. I know that if I got some sun I would feel much better, but that will have to wait.....of course the tanning beds will give me some heat and some perhaps starting on Monday that is where I need to be.

I started a part time job working at a casino wrist banding folks for concerts and so far I have seen just about everything. The pay is good, however the hours are long and you have to stand the complete time. Last Saturday I worked 10 hours and did I ever ache. Tonight shouldn't be as long and the group tonight is the "Platters" - that I can hardly wait to hear. So this job will bring me a little extra cash for home reno's; our trip or just to buy the babies something special for whatever.

Okay winter be done and gone - it's time to get melting and warming up. Okay it's time for that second cup of coffee so I can get my day going. Have a good one!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Medical February

Why does it seem that every January comes medicals and then in February for the past couple of years, Jack is in the hospital having stones removed. We were laughing about how time has flown by since his last surgery and even then we were confused as to which surgery it was and how long he was in the hospital. The hospital pre-admission clinic sent out his forms and when he opened the envelope they were for a woman...good thing that we has had time to get the right forms.

With this surgery the doctor ordered blood matching just in case he needs a transfusion and then they gave him a medical wrist band...too which most of the information has come off with having taken a shower or 2! You would think that the admissions department would give him the new bracelet upon being admitted at the hospital. So on Tuesday, Jack will be have a 1 inch kidney stone surgically removed from his right kidney. Prayers are always needed during this time as the unknown is out there.

I too would ask for some prayers as I also went for my physical last week and then for follow up tests (bone density & mammogram). And much to my dislike I received the phone call to come back for some various mammogram scans & an ultrasound....the dreaded call that all women hope they don't get. I'm telling myself that this is just a follow up to see something that I can't see or feel. So while my husband is recuperating in the hospital I will be at the lab getting re-analyzed. I know that I have to trust in God that he has these medical folks well trained in their medical profession to find/analyze anything and everything. God is Great.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Move Over for 2011 To Arrive

As we close out 2010 we reflect on all the happenings (good & bad) for the past 12 months. We hopefully learn from our mistakes, embrace the beauty of our babies in our life and move forward to become a better person.
There are many things that make us all grow as individuals, as husbands & wives; as grandparents; parents; co-workers but most of all as God's children.
I wish for a church family that we can settle into and learn from others. I wish for my kids to seek out God in their hearts and help their children find him as well.
I wish for full time employment for Jack to make him feel more complete.

I pray that better health come to my family and to Jack and that this be the last year of kidney stones for him.

May God be part of all your lives and may he always be within your heart.

Welcome 2011 and may you bring love, joy, happiness and peace to all. Happy New Year my friends!

Monday, December 6, 2010

An Exciting Month

December is always such an exciting month. I love everything about Christmas and it starts with getting the house ready with baking, card writing and of course decorating. I also love buying gifts, clothes etc. for our adopt a family that we take on at work. Now in December we have Jack and Wyatt to share birthday gatherings and so that's even more exciting.
But this year I have chosen to take Jack away for a warm vacation....our gift to each other. He hasn't had much luck in finding any work and so a friend from work showed me this awesome cruise in the Caribbean and we leave Saturday from Miami. Now being the travel convey nor, I decided to book our flights only through warm destinations so we aren't storm stuck somewhere. So Wed am we fly to Phoenix and then onto Miami on Thursday. We will be trading the snow in for some sand and then on the weekend we trade the regular sand in for much whiter sand (or at least that's what I'm told).
When we get back it will already be the week of Christmas and so there will be lots to do to get ready for family to arrive from Saskatoon. Plus the babies should be walking by then. Last night at the (shared) birthday event, Wyatt took 2 steps to me without hanging onto anything. I will miss seeing him walk but I know that 10 days away isn't long for him to get running.
So Merry Christmas to everyone and may the Lord Jesus be close to your heart over the holiday season.